Roadmap of Services in Central Iowa

The Roadmap of Services in Central Iowa to Support Children’s Mental Health was created by the Central Iowa System of Care Stakeholders: Schools Work Group.

This 鈥渞oadmap鈥 was developed in the hopes of providing information about the many resources, supports, and services that are available to help best support the mental health and educational needs of children and their families, services that help support the healthy social and emotional development of children can be somewhat overwhelming and confusing at times.

This guide is not intended to be an exhaustive list of every available option nor is it intended to promote certain agencies within the community.聽 It is to be used only as a guide and easy to reference source of information.聽 Intended audiences include families, school personnel, mental health professionals, human service providers, and so on.

However, we hope you find this guide useful for your specific needs. To download a copy click 聽or on the image to the right.