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A total of 228 custodians provide cleaning, safety and building maintenance support to school buildings and facilities throughout the district.

Regional contacts for custodial services are:

Tom Bullington 鈥 East Regional Specialist
P:听 515-242-8514 | E:听

Tony Gomez – West Regional Specialist
P: 515-242-8516 | E:

Kim Ogle 鈥 Custodial Field Specialist
P: 515-242-8503 | E:

David Niemi 鈥 Supply Chain Analyst
P: 515-242-8125 | E:

Director of Custodial Services

William Givens
Address: 1917 Dean Avenue, 艾美影库 Moines, IA
F: 515-265-8467 | E: