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Get Involved- High School Students Silver Cord of Service Program

The Silver Cord of Service is a distinguished volunteer service award available to all DMPS high school students. The purpose of the Silver Cord of Service program is to instill within students the importance of community service and encourage them to invest in their own education and in their community on a regular basis during their high school years. Silver Cord of Service award recipients will receive a special honor cord to wear during graduation as recognition of their outstanding achievement.

Why听 participate?

Participation in the Silver Cord of Service program encourages volunteerism and allows students to experience the joy of giving back to their community. Volunteering can provide a constructive use of time, foster the exploration of career interests, support youth seeking employment and college admission, and give new graduates the confidence to serve in leadership roles after high school.

Program Guidelines

DMPS incoming 9th grade students are eligible to participate in the Silver Cord of Service program beginning the summer following their 8th grade year. To earn the Silver Cord of Service award, high school students must volunteer a total of 160 hours before May 1st of their senior year with a recommended 40 hours per academic year.听听

Non-Acceptable Volunteer / Service Activities:听

  • Court-ordered Community Service.听
  • Service provided directly to a for-profit institution or organization.听
  • Service / time for which you are being financially reimbursed or compensated in any manner.听
  • Travel time to and from the service site / activity.听
  • Individual or personal services such as babysitting or peer tutoring听
  • Sleeping or personal recreation time during service hours.听
  • Hours completed during class time unless approved by Community School Coordinator.
  • Student aides receiving credit听

Religious Service:听

In order to be applicable to a student鈥檚 Silver Cord of Service award hours, an activity may NOT be directly involved with the rituals, services or ceremonies of any specific religious organization or the fundraising to support a specific religion or religious organization.听

  • ACCEPTABLE examples of religious activities / service are: teaching Sunday or Vacation Bible School (VBS), leading youth groups, babysitting during religious services, recording/videotaping a church service and/or participating in mission trips.听
  • NON-ACCEPTABLE examples of religious activities / service are: singing in the choir, candle lighting, reading from religious texts and/or altar service.听

Please see your 蝉肠丑辞辞濒鈥檚 Community School Coordinator regarding service provided in conjunction with an academic course or other school-based organization or group [For example: National Honor Society, Ambassadors, athletic/music/academic cubs or programs, sports team managing and/or training, extra-curricular and co-curricular activities, etc.]听